RACE: Are We So Different?

Is race biological? Cultural?

Can we observe truths, misconceptions, and histories through a scientific lens?

To Understand Race, Look to Science to Unravel the Ideology.

What is race really?

It’s a term that warrants more focus on scientific data, our shared DNA, and even collections of lived experiences. To decipher myth from reality, let’s look at everything from modern forensic anthropology to historical documents that show how the concept of race has evolved and how to define it.


RACE: Are We So Different? — A Traveling Exhibit

The RACE pop-up exhibit is a fresh extension of the hugely important and successful RACE: Are We So Different? exhibit which traveled to NC in 2017. Hosted by the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences (NCMNS) and other institutions across the state, the goal is two-fold: to educate and to spark open conversation about race in our communities.

Using sets of traveling banners, we hope to reach wider geographic and demographic audiences than a traditional, stationary exhibit can.

Why Is Understanding Race Important?

Because knowledge facilitates growth, open conversations, and forward movement.

The story of race is complex. Learning about its facets through the work of a collective of top-tier scientists, anthropologists, and other experts is a great place to start.

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RACE: Are We So Different? originally premiered in the mid-2000s at the Science Museum of Minnesota in part by the American Anthropological Association. Dr. Yolanda Moses, a Cultural Anthropologist from the University of California - Riverside, will reprise her role as content expert in the updated version at the NCMNS. While the original RACE exhibit is still relevant, a lot of cultural shifts have happened in the 15 years since. RACE: Are We So Different - NCMNS will capture these changes in the updated version that is slated to launch in the mid-2020s.

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Where to see the pop-up traveling exhibit

The RACE pop-up banners are not currently on display at any locations.

However, the exhibit can still be seen at the NCMNS downtown Raleigh location.

If you are interested in hosting the exhibit, contact us!